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Basic $25
Gel $45
Deluxe $40


Basic $40
Get ready to be pampered with this pedicure! The Herbal Mineral Bath leaves the skin feeling silky-smooth and soft with this aromatherapeutic, calming formula. A combination of 21 herbs creates the optimal climate for a soothing, relaxing, and revitalizing bath experience. Liquid Body Lufra gently eases away dead skin cells and excess oil to give your skin a polished feel, while the Body Smoother contains conditioning emollients such as aloe vera, algae extract, retinyl palmitate (vitamin A) and tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E). Finally, we use Sole Solution therapeutic foot cream for those suffering from rough, dry, or cracked feet.
Signature (+ Classic) $50
This pedicure comes with IceDancer Invigorating Leg. Get which is a get that stimulates and instantly revives fatigued legs. We then use Baobad Body Butter which is a rich cream for supple skin that stays touchably soft all day. It promotes softer, smoother, and more toned-looking skin.
Deluxe (+ Signature) $70
Pamper yourself with this amazing pedicure that includes a lower leg and foot exfoliation and hot stone massage. A warm paraffin treatment is done to help nourish the skin while soothing sore muscles and joints. We follow with a sugar scrub, hot stone massage, paraffin wax treatment, and Firewalker Foot Cream to give the nourishment and treatment your feet need.


New Set $60 & Up
Fill-in $50 & Up

Pink and white LCN

Light Concept Nails

Why choose LCN Light Cured Gel Nails?
LCN is the result of a technological breakthrough in cosmetic science. Designed as a non-acrylic alternative to conventional nail products, the light-cured resin has a smooth, honey-like consistency similar to gel. But its molecular structure, specially designed by German chemists and researchers, provides a stronger, longer-lasting nail treatment.

With LCN nails, users open themselves to a world of new benefits:

NO Harmful Ingredients – LCN nail products are gentle and safe for continual use on natural nails.

NO Unpleasant Odors – Enjoy a more pleasant spa experience since there are no odors or toxins.

NO “Fake Nail Syndrome” – LCN nail treatments are non-porous, so they will not yellow like other gels and acrylic nails. Used with or without nail polish, light-cured products provide a gorgeous, natural look.

NO Breaking – The durability of light-cured gel nails means LCN treatments are less prone to breaking, cracking, and lifting. The LCN nail will actually protect the natural nail and promote nail growth.

NO Limits – Light-cured resin can be sculpted or applied over tips. Plus, the wide variety in the LCN product line provides customizable options to meet the needs of any client, any nail type, and any challenge.

If you are interested in getting your own pink & white LCN Gel, why not pay Gel Nails & Spa a visit?
Full Set $65 & Up
Fill In $60 & Up

LCN Nail

New Set $65 & Up
Fill-in $60 & Up


SNS $50 & Up
New Set $65 & Up
Fill-in $60
Add-On Gel $15 & Up


Eyebrows $12
Chin $10
Half Leg $50 & Up
Bikini $50 & Up
Lip $8
Underarm $25
Full Leg $100 & Up
Brazilian $80

Add On

Add on Gel $15 & Up